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We are passionate about being kind to our planet while also supporting parents to be kind to their families. That is why sustainability (in all meanings of the word) is so important to us. Sustainability can mean a number of things, but to us it is about doing something good now that won't lead to something bad later. Balance is a key aspect of this and we know that finding the balance between products that are kind on the planet and those that are kind on your wallet can be tough. That is why at Littlelot we aim to take away some of that struggle and provide you earth friendly items 

What we are currently doing

These are a few of the very important things we are doing to be kinder on the planet. We know that there is always more to do but we are pretty proud of these first steps. 

  1. Reducing the textile waste that comes from consumers buying cheap/badly made clothing for their babies

  2. Giving each piece of clothing a longer life span by ensuring multiple families use each garment 

  3. Promoting baby wear brands (especially small brands) that are making things in an ethical and sustainable way

  4. Using environmentally friendly packaging for all orders

Our Packaging

Our items are delivered to you in a cardboard box which is fully recyclable and compostable at the end of its life (we take care of that part for you). The boxes are also made in New Zealand so they have a low carbon footprint as they have never done any overseas travel. We chose these boxes as they are sturdy so you can use them as the return shipping packaging.

Our tissue paper is made from FSC certified paper using soy-based inks and so is both recyclable and compostable (it will break down in 180 days in a home compost or 90 in a commercial compost facility). We recommend putting it into your compost bin or using it to wrap a gift for someone you love.

The stickers we use are pretty cool too. Unlike many stickers, the ones we use are made of FSC certified paper, not plastic. They are also printed with soy-based inks and are home compostable. 

On the out side of our boxes we use some tape to help keep it shut and make it a little bit prettier. This tape is made from recycled FSC paper and of course uses soy-based inks. As with the rest of our packaging, it is also compostable which we think is pretty neat.

What we are working on (our goals)

Sustainability is not a destination but rather a continued journey along a path with many twists and turns. At Little Lot, we want to continue walking this path and pushing ourselves to do better which is why we will always have goals to work towards. Our current goals are... 


  1. To have all the brands we use rated ‘good/great’ by Good On You

  2. To become carbon neutral as a company

  3. To find a reliable way to recycle or repurpose items that are damaged.